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Hanne Viehmann


Strategic design for sustainable development

A bit more complex, please! I focus on life-centred design and the rising complexity of global design decisions. I researched on the collective responsibilities of global innovative designers and committed to a new design perspective on sustainability.


The word sustainability describes the comprehensive approach from the multiple perspectives. It includes the socio-cultural, environmental and economic objectives. Consumer goods play a significant role in our daily lives and contribute to our cultures and the ways we consume, communicate and exist. Design is the discipline creating innovations and connecting all four complex and sustainability segments.



I studied industrial and communication design at the HFBK Hamburg in Germany and at the Design Academy

Eindhoven in the Netherlands. GID arranged the surrounding of a cultural blast to reflect on our collective

responsibilities of global innovative designers. I concluded in a commitment to a new design perspective on

sustainability and with the motto “a bit more complex, please”.


Professional experiences:

● Freelance designer at Design Studio HVN (since 2015)

● Editor Assistant at Form magazine (2018)

● Industrial designer at Yellow Design (2017)

● Art director at Performance Media (2016)

● Visual designer of the marketing department at Der Spiegel