Sustainability Research and Strategy



A Journey To Sustainability Thinking

The publication illustrates a participatory approach that involves various expertise to develop a global understanding of innovation. The booklet is a comprehensive report of the design project How Sustainable Is Bhar. The sustainability mindset evolved while working on the Indian, disposable tea cup made from terracotta. The conclusion of this journey are varying challenges for designers of all disciplines.


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Circular Clay Teacup

The design project to support the attempt making India plastic free by replacing plastic teacups with the traditional ones made of clay. The focus lies on a development of a sustainability strategy and the outcomes are a concept to recycle the disposed off material and a collection of ceramics visualising the possibilities to revalue the waste fired clay.


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Palm Leather Shoe

The focus of this design project is the development of opportunities for the waste material palm bark in Southeast Asia. Experiments proofed that the bark is capable of changing its texture to a soft and leather-like material. The innovative material is exemplified in a wooden shoe which is inspired by the traditional craft in Indonesia.


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Weaving with Grass and Bamboo

The ethnographic research investigated the traditional weaving techniques from the Philippines and Indonesia.


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