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The Story about a Status Symbol

A photo research on owner's and drivers of vintage cars.

In the Netherlands, for example, classic cars are allowed to be driven all year round. With a view to the pollution, the question is, of course, "how much longer".


Does such an old car make a difference and what does it do to the owners?

I met drivers of different brands and types. Some of them had heart-wrenching, exciting, hilarious or proud anecdotes to tell.



"I don't drive that much, but I don't get along with the newer cars at all.The fuel gauge on my Beetle is broken, but I can always write down by hand how much I've driven."


"I sold my motorbike for this Mustang and had to work for 4 years to get it to look like this.

Then a few years ago I entered a classic car competition and even came 3rd. The 1st was a Manta."

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